2018 Bentley Mulsanne Speed & Extended Wheelbase – Being the flagship for Bentley’s lineup, the actual Mulsanne car is known as hand-built evidence of good quality. As it does not talk about engines or perhaps frame due to all of the business relatives, the Mulsanne interests the actual individualist.

The 2018 Bentley Mulsanne lineup can go in for lengthy. During 1992 the Mulsanne appeared to be terminated and also a brand model has been around since space for this. Though the 2018 Bentley Mulsanne may not be unconsidered due to the running possibilities. And read also about the latest 2019 car reviews for the same manufacturer: 2019 Bentley Continental GT.

New Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase & Speed in 2018 Car Production

Cars Sumo – Finally, in 2010, the Mulsanne had been launched for an additional period. The Bentley Mulsanne is a hand designed a car such as all of the Bentleys. Typically it will take approximately three months to produce one Mulsanne. The review based on the latest Bentley car: 2016 Bentley Mulsanne & 2017 Bentley Mulsanne.

This particular manufacturing would not have the engine since it created individually. Plus it undoubtedly requires approximately One plus a half day to construct the engine, exclusively a real Bentley Engine.

2018 Bentley Mulsanne Exterior Design

Mulsanne symbolizes the top of Bentley quality along with innovative layout. The precise outlines in the front-end tend to be centric as a result of a unique, eye-catching leading grille, displaying vivid vertical stainless vanes.

The outcome will be stunning, producing the car look huge, luxurious, minimal and even involved on the highway. Low B-shaped wing grills at the fender and also elective 21” wheels, available in some types, increase the car’s road appeal.

The Mulliner Driving Specification develops a different standard of exclusivity without the need of taking away within the chasteness of this Mulsanne. It has a functional attentively curated group of extras developed by the Mulliner group to provide a much more energetic perimeter into the Bentley Mulsanne 2018.

They begin to incorporate hand-made specifics like a brand new 21” Radiance alloy wheel simply by Mulliner, Flying ‘B’ design wing grills around shiny stainless steel, unique Mulliner treadplates plus an innovative sports-tuned suspension establishing.

Its combination of refined stainless-steel plus hand-finished solid wood seems to be unequaled in the automotive environment. Also brand-new for 2018, all of the exterior lights are presently LED using four-beam designs.

The front lights consider hints are coming from GPS together with vehicle speed to light up the street onward. Additionally LED may be the brand-new ambient lighting style process.

2018 Bentley Mulsanne Interior Design

The Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase is considered the most convenient and outstanding vehicle from the New Bentley Mulsanne variety. Made for consumers which includes a choice as being operated, it provides some first-class air-travel adventure while traveling.

Having a more 250mm for legroom on the back and opulent, light-filled cabin area, it is preferably remarkably a vehicle for individuals who need additional time and space to concentrate.

The Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase might be a new brand new benchmark for ease and also elegance. The WiFi hotspot, backup camera and also six-disc DVD player will also be customary products. The Mulsanne has a same convention of the comfort and luxury presented by Bentley.

The Mulsanne contains natural leather quilted seating, reachable bottle coupled with cup slots, and all of the additional add-ons which make the actual travel convenient. The interior color, emphasize trims, as well as the components, might be preferred as in each option. Nicely, you do not have to be concerned with keeping the drinks cold.

Since the 2018 Bentley Mulsanne features its particular cooler which prevents the drinks cooled available for you. Comfortableness is like a newly affordable outline on the car. Undoubtedly, an ultra-luxury may expand the interior of the New Bentley Mulsanne superior.

New Bentley Colour Choice for 2018 Mulsanne

When producing the Mulsanne, it is possible to choose from the intensive selection of exterior and also interior customization choices, which includes more than 100 exterior colors, 11 veneers, 24 cover colors along with 13 duo-tone opportunities.

Additionally, there is an additional chance to combine high-class characteristics to the Mulsanne interior: for instance, add in Bentley Theatre rear-end car seat entertainment by using twin 10.4″ electrically-deployed tablets plus veneered refreshments platforms. Those color design will apply for both of Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase and Mulsanne Speed.

2018 Bentley Mulsanne Speed & Engine

The Mulsanne Speed is probably the most highly efficient four-door car worldwide. That includes massive torque, as a result of a much more upgraded type of Bentley’s grand 6¾-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, and it developed for the driver who loves the complete capabilities of infinite close potential.

The 2018 Bentley Mulsanne, having its elegant style as well as remarkable energy, remains to be Bentley’s complete saloon. It’s the most natural appearance in deluxe plus effectiveness.

The most magnificent manifestation of Bentley’s model, assemble with manufacturing skills, this can be a vehicle for the people through perception as well as the chance to convey its ways to lifestyle.

Unique where the sophisticated interior produces time and space to build options and even provides the technology to be developed. Trying to powering the actual steering wheel, or just being driven within incomparable comfortableness.

2018 Bentley Mulsanne Engine
2018 Bentley Mulsanne Engine

Beneath the Mulsanne’s hood lays a new 6¾ liter, the dual turbocharged V8 engine that generates 505 bhp (377 kW / 512 PS) that has 4,200 rpm and up to 1,020 Nm (752 lb.ft) of torque with 1,750 rpm. The item increases through 0-60 mph with 5.1 seconds (0 -100 km/h in 5.3 seconds) and so on to the top 2018 Bentley Mulsanne speed of 184 mph (296 km/h).

Overall performance stats in this way can be uncommon in almost any many four-door luxurious vehicles, which helps supply a new genuinely lively drive. Cutting-edge engine technologies included competing for emissions (C02 of 342g/km) as well as fuel consumption (18.8mpg).

In Depth Review

2018 Bentley Mulsanne Speed in-depth review:

Bentley Mulsanne Speed In Depth Review
Vehicle TypeSedan
Fuel Efficiency21.3 l/100km (City) – 12.8 l/100km (Highway)
Transmission8-speed automatic
Engine TypeV8 6.8 liters
Power530 hp @ 4,200 rpm (395 kW)
Torque811 lb·ft @ 1,750 rpm (1,100 N·m)
Body Style4-door
Passenger Seat5-seats
Dimensions219″ x 78″ x 60″ (L x W x H in inch)
Weight2,685 kg (5,919 lbs)
Top Speed305 km/h


2018 Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase in-depth review:

Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase In Depth Review
Vehicle TypeSedan
Fuel Efficiency22.2 l/100km (City) – 13.6 l/100km (Highway)
Transmission8-speed automatic
Engine TypeV8 6.8 liters
Power505 hp @ 4,000 rpm (377 kW)
Torque752 lb·ft @ 1,750 – 3,000 rpm (1,020 N·m)
Body Style4-door
Passenger Seat4-seats
Dimensions229″ x 78″ x 61″ (L x W x H in inch)
Weight2,730 kg (6,019 lbs)
Top Speed296 km/h

New Bentley Mulsanne Price & Release Date

How much is a Bentley Mulsanne? – Several sales strategies have already been carried out enhance Bentley Mulsanne. Much like the Breitling, SA created watches with the promotional for Mulsanne.

Together with the necessary Mulsanne, furthermore there are two extra editions are offered, the 2018 Bentley Mulsanne Speed along with the 2018 Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase.

Moreover, then the minimum price for the Mulsanne might be $405,471 for a base Mulsanne, $533,610 for an Extended Wheelbase and $446,732 for a Mulsanne Speed. (

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2018 Mulsanne Competitors: 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom, 2018 Mercedes-Benz S Class, 2018 Audi A6, 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia, 2018 Lexus LS, 2018 BMW 5-Series.