New BMW 3 Series 2019 – The long waiting for the 2019 BMW 3 Series is about to come with the new leaked photos. So, the showroom goers are now happy to see the prototype of car winter testing. Even though the new sedan is still on many speculations, but we are all the professional spies that will be happy to understand the new features.

We conclude that the new BMW version will feature smaller models compared to all 5 series. Note that there is no official pics and details regarding the new BMW Series. But, thanks to the rumor that gives sufficient information on sort of details and specs.

New BMW 3 Series Coming with Rich-Feature & Rich-Technology

2019 BMW 3 Series – The next generation will be based on new CLAR platform of BMW with its lightweight and scalable architecture that also comes with the 5 Series, 7 Series and also X3 Series. If we make a comparison, then this could be lighter than the current F30-gen car which is rumored to be 40 – 100 kg lighter.

Hence, we expect that the new series can be bigger with more luxury design and sophisticated feature. We can break it down in the following article. Let’s start with exterior element!

2019 BMW 3 Series Exterior

Speaking about the exterior, according to the front end of the prototype, it seems there are LED daytime form that mirrors a lighting cluster which is found in the latest 5 Series. Meanwhile, the central section of its lower bumper brings identical radar. There is also a small camera that is positioned between the upper grille. Find out more about outside element which said will offer more technology and less weight.

There is an interesting look at the prototype with snow chains right on the rear axle that means this series could be an RWD vehicle. This is already informed that this new 3 Series will feature two types with RWD and xDrive-equipped AWD layouts.

There is also another similarity between this new next-gen 3 Series and 5 Series. Besides the weight reductions around 88 pounds, this is claimed to bring an improvement in stability. Additionally, it is expected to come with a bigger trunk that allows the passengers to bring more luggage.

2019 BMW 3 Series Interior

There are some features to underline, including active steering, mechanical torque vectoring, an adaptive suspension that will help the power distribution to all wheels.

If you wish a spacious cabin, this new generation of 3-Series brings a dramatic look compared to the current F30 car. Besides, there is also interesting new dashboard with a new feature of the iDrive controller, an electric parking brake, shift lever, and also gauge cluster.

According to leaked photos, the three new Series come with digital gauges which are also in concept to the BMW 8 Series. So this is pretty exciting to wait for.

2019 BMW 3 Series Interior Prototype
2019 BMW 3 Series Interior Prototype – Source:

However, there are still some essential features for the 3 Series with the analog instrument with digital screen bringing the ‘Black Panel’ technology. The user can now feel more comfortable with getting the center console placed in higher position. This comes with larger model and resolution as well.

Some old features like laser headlights with the BMW i8 are still included which is previously also come for the Audi and BMW i8. It’s not a surprise anyway but still looks superb to be used in the current industry.

New BMW 3 Series Engine Specs

The new series is expected to bring a 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo versions which are mounted on the front-wheel like the new X2 and the MINI. On the contrary, many people believe the three 1.5 liters cylinders will be included to the front-wheel.

Meanwhile, there is also upgrade version of TwinPower Turbo technology with its injection system that the pressure has been increased to 350 bar. Besides, there is an improvement for the turbo blow pressure up to 2500 bar and also particulate filter to be added to the gasoline versions. For the diesel part, it will get AdBlue tank and catalytic converter as well.

Anyway, we don’t have a high expectation for the four-cylinder gas engines as this might only come with a few minus or plus horsepower. For its base models, it will rely on the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four with around 180 horsepower. And, the 330i models will come with 250 ponies. Regarding rear-wheel drive, this is predicted to be standard.

As this is rumored with the M340i M Performance, the new 3 Series is predicted can beat the Mercedes-AMG C43 and Audi S4. There is also an upgrade for the plug-in-hybrid 330e which is previously used in the current model, paltry 14-mile all-electric EPA driving range.

Anyway, we have another good news with the introduction of an electric version which might be the best competitor for Tesla Model 3. Let’s hope it can have more than 200 miles.

The last leaked information we got is the trim levels that use eight-speed automatic. It is said that BMW will be once again offering the turbocharged three-cylinder from Mini Cooper. However, maybe we will not see this engine model in the U.S.

2019 BMW 3 Series Release Date

Let’s hope the next generation 3 Series will come next Spring 2019. Even though we haven’t seen any official release, but it still sounds promising as we look at the leaked pics. Thanks to the showroom goers addict. The newer technology, lower curb weight, and chassis dynamics should be special things to wait for. Compare this new 3-Series with its older version in this page.

New BMW 3 Series Price Tag

If we’re observing for the next-gen BMW 3-series to come in the mid-2018 as a 2019 model vehicle and we considering this car after debuting at the Frankfurt auto show in last September.

Talking about a pricing tag should keep close to today sporty vehicles. For four-cylinder versions will starting in the $30,000 price range and for the plug-in hybrid pricing will increase up to $5,000 or more.

Also for the six-cylinder models will cost you around $50,000. As always, if you want to purchase a top model will be equipped with more power, occupied by the beefy M3, more sharper suspension, and using aggressive styling and design will start at around $66,000. –

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