New BMW 8 Series 2019 – Good news for Bimmers enthusiasts! 2019 BMW 8 Series is no longer a rumour. As you probably know that BMW 8 is coming in 2019 and the concept unveiled this year.

It has been widely known that some features such as the big grills, full air intakes, as well as the great curves that surround its body.

Moreover, that is the features of the concept model. Hopefully, it will also style the released version, and has the future improvement as time goes by.

2019 BMW 8 Series Spied & Unveiled Some Features

Cars Sumo – Moreover, here’s the sad part of this news! The BMW 6 series will no longer be available, in case you did not know it. Additionally, if you are genuinely BMW cars enthusiast, you probably know that BMW is done the same scenario when the original 6 and 8 series released 30 years ago.

Moreover, worse, the beautiful BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe will no longer be available on the market. Ahh, that is the saddest news of the year for Bimmers enthusiasts all over the world. Yeah, including myself.

Onward. Let’s back to 2019 BMW 8 series. Moreover, forget the 6 Series for a while.

The Origin of BMW 8 Series

Back in 1989, the 8 series is the most iconic Bimmers ever made until today. After more than 20 years, this European car has been rocking the world with its classy and sporty design.

Although it launched the same year that the 6 series go into BMW’s history book, it is not the direct replacement of that BMW series. However, it is a larger and more luxurious car to continue the 6 series’ legacy.

Back at the first time, it launched to Europe cars market, the 8 series powered by V-8 and V-12 engine. This car is such a badass car, which ‘Rocks’ with her 282 horsepower for the V-8 driving force, and 295 horsepower for the V-12 engine.

However, it not successfully launched in the US. So sadly, discontinued in 1999. Also, four years later, BMW brought back the 6 series from its funeral.

August 2017 – The standard 2019 BMW 8 Series shows off on the public roads. It predicted that the M8 series would not have a slightly different than the standard series as in other BMW models. The difference could found on the air dam.

The M series has a more significant air dam than the standard 2019 BMW 8 Series. Moreover, the corner also another difference could be found between the sports M series and the standard BMW 8 Series. There will be two large intakes in the edge of M8, while the standard 8 series will change the game up a bit.

You may notice that BMW would not go with the rectangular air intakes like in the 2018 BMW 8 Series. Moreover, you may also see the radiator grilles feature slight upward curve along the lower edge.

New BMW 8 Series Looks More Attractive

According to some news, the concept will have different grilles and nose than the released version. So you will not find the sleek grilles and attractive nose which you could see in the concept version.

However, that is not a big deal, right? Let’s see how beautiful the design of this 2019 BMW 8 series, once it launched in 2019. Last, in the spy shots released on August 18, 2017, you can find the LED strips of the standard 8 series is different from the concept and M8 series.

If you could remember that it has almost the same look as the 8 series concept and the M8 test mule. However, the standard BMW 8 series features the LED strips which are closer together rather than has a wide of a presence.

Also, that is all about the spy shoot captured on August 18, 2017. Hopefully, BMW will surprise us with more and more improvement until it released in 2019.

New BMW 8 Series Interior and Exterior

Just like what BMW says “the concept reveals much of what is to come.” However, we cannot be sure about that. CarsSumo predicts that the 2019 BMW 8 series will have some significant differences in the design compared to its ‘show car’ version.

More importantly, don’t expect the car will have that cool-looking large side intakes in the front bumper along with its massive grille. These parts will be smaller than the concept version, and it will look closer to the BMW 7 Series, according to some trusted news on the internet.

Moreover, the back of this 2019 BMW 8 Series will also have significant difference compared to its concept version. The sleek taillights you found in the concept version will replace with more ‘friendly’ (or cheaper) taillights, and its spoiler will slightly smaller than the concept version.

If you like a badass looking BMW car with the large exhaust outlets and the first carbon-fibre diffuser, you probably need to wait until the M version comes out to the market.

Because the standard version of 2019 BMW 8 Series will be less aggressive than its concept. Moreover, for the interior area, just like what has been predicted by many people, it will be based heavily on the 7 series.

It will feature the S-Class Coupe interior features for its interior design. The big news regarding the interior design, it will have a clean design of the dashboard which looks refreshing compared to other BMW cars.

2019 BMW 8 Series Engine Specs & Performance

The 850i standard version will be powered by the 4.4-liter V-8 engine which will boost this car with 445 horsepower. It is a fast sedan.

However, the top speed will be limited to 130 mph and have the option to increase it up to 155 mph. Also, another good news is that both the all-wheel drive and the rear wheel drive will offer by BMW.

The performance of this 2019 BMW 8 Series is not enough to compete with Mercedes-AMG S63 and S65, so BMW should release the M8 as soon as they can.

New BMW 8 Series Price & Release Date

Price of new BMW 8 Series – There is no official news from BMW which announces the price of 2019 BMW 8 Series. For more detail about New BMW 8 Series, let’s read ahead on this page.

However, it predicted about $90,000 which is closer to 7 series that priced around $80,000 in the US. (