New BMW X5 2019 – As one of the best SUVs, the latest 2019 BMW X5 will update the current model with today’s technology and design. The next generation of BMW X5 will come with many improvements or this car will be redesign with many upgrades.

As for today rumors, the greatest BMW wants to make it much more superb and expensive, maybe. This will be one of the most recommended hybrid cars in 2019 car market. This rumor causes many people curious about its future specs.

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2019 car reviews – That is why we will discuss 2019 BMW X5 further in this article. Also don’t forget to check out the other lineup in BMW new cars such as 2019 BMW X4, 2019 BMW Z4, 2019 BMW 8 Series, and 2019 BMW X5.

Get in-depth on this post, CarsSumo can share with you all about new BMW X5 price and release date prediction, also about its design inside and outside and maybe about its upgraded engine specs.

2019 BMW X5 Exterior

Starts from the exterior, there will be some extreme modifications on this new BMW X5 redesign. Even though the fixed exterior redesign is not set yet, the predictions from many experts are enough to convince us that it will be upgraded so that 2019 BMW X5 exterior will be sportier and more aesthetic.

At the front, you will find the more augmented grille on the next generation of BMW X5. Besides that, the headlights will also be redesigned to be sharper and even softer. Moving to the rear, you will see the new taillight with thin design.

From the sides, there might not be a significant change. Anyway, the concept of changes happen on 2019 BMW X5 will be brilliant. So, we are sure that there will be more people who are interested in the future BMW X5.

2019 BMW X5 Interior

BMW will also change the new interior. To increase the convenient, BMW will offer updated adjustment. This will also improve the performance and of course the comfort level. So, everyone will not be bored to drive this new SUV.

Latest X5 Interior
Latest X5 Interior

Talking about 2019 BMW X5 interior, we may focus on the premium quality material that will be applied. Besides that, you will also notice the various security & safety features such as path developing assistance, airbags, subsequent, and there are still many more.

Latest BMW X5 Interior
Latest BMW X5 Interior

The infotainment system of this SUV will also be developed & upgraded. For example, you will be able to enjoy new satellite menu, Bluetooth online connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, Universal serial bus plug-ins, and others on the next generation of BMW X5.

Overall, the new interior will be as impressive as its exterior as the upcoming cars in 2018-2019.

New BMW X5 Engine Specs

We cannot skip discussing its engine. Under the hood, this high-end SUV will also be upgraded to deliver the higher performance. The good news is that we will be able to enjoy its diesel engine.

From many rumors, we conclude that the possible option is that 2019 BMW X5 will use 3.0 L V6 turbo diesel engine. This diesel engine will be capable of delivering around 300 horsepower. Besides that, it is also expected that 305 pounds-feet of torque can be produced by the next generation of BMW X5.

That engine above will be mated to an 8-velocity auto gearbox. For the electricity unit, we will not find any change. The base model will possibly come with 3.0 L V6 gasoline engine.

This 2019 BMW X5 engine is good enough where this can produce around 300 horsepower as well as the same pounds-feet of torque. You can also consider the diesel engine. For the diesel option, it will use 3.0 L V6 engine.

This one will offer high power about 260 horsepower. Besides that, this SUV will also be able to generate more than 400 pounds-feet of torque with this engine.

Overall, all engine options will be satisfying. So, you can pick one based on your needs. For the best information, you can get more information on this official BMW page.

2019 BMW X5 Release Date

The company has not confirmed yet about when the next generation of BMW X5 will be officially released. However, because it is purposed for 2019 car market, so 2019 BMW X5 is predicted to come out in the early of next year.

Even though there are some rumors which say that it will come out sooner at the end of this year, it will be better to wait for the official announcement about its release date. What to keep in mind is that this is still a prediction.

So, it will be clear after the company announces it officially. We all hope that BMW is going to make it clear soon. Like many people searching in Google with BMW X5 M Series or BMW G05 X5, we can wait for the official news from BMW.

2019 X5 BMW Spy Shots

Below are some spy photos that we get from, they provide nice shots of X5 2019 with minim camouflage, thanks to that peoples. Here we go:

New BMW X5 Price Tag Estimation

Lastly, we will discuss its estimated price. Because it belongs to high-end SUV, the price will be high enough. Since the fixed specs are not confirmed, everything is still speculation even though we got the information from many trusted sources.

Before sharing the estimated price, you have to know that this new SUV will be available in some different trims. So, the price will be various.

For the base model, the price will start at around 55,000 dollars. It means the new price will not be too far from the current model. For more accurate information about its price, we still wait for the company to make a confirmation.

Anyway, 2019 BMW X5 will come with many upgrades including the turbo diesel engine that is awaited so much. –

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