New BMW Z4 2019 Roadster Spied – BMW Z4 is going to come again in new series called 2019 BMW Z4. Because it has so many fans, this car is awaited so much in the world. The new version will undoubtedly come with various creativities to make it better than the last model to compete with its rival, Mercedes-Benz.

Even though it will not come out soon, the rumors about its specs have been spread for this new BMW Z4 concept that appears as the convertible car and still elegant. If you want to know the detailed rumors, you can pay attention to the article below.

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The All-New Z4 Roadster: New BMW Z4 2019 is Going to Come with Many Updates for Next Generation

2019 Car Reviews – Get in-depth on this post, CarsSumo can share with you all about new BMW Z4 price and release date prediction, also about its design inside and outside and maybe about its upgraded engine specs.

2019 BMW Z4 Exterior Concept

Talking about the exterior, this new car will be stylish and beautiful. 2019 BMW Z4 redesign will make it more interesting as well as unique. For example, you will find a unique aerodynamic design on this new car. Just like Toyota manufactured its 2019 Toyota Supra concept that develops a new sports car platform.

So, it is sure that the new model will be much more attractive. That is why it is predicted that this will have more customers than the previous one. If you look just a second, this Z4 Roadster looks like Cadillac Ciel Convertible.

New BMW Z4 2019
New BMW Z4 2019

What else? According to some rumors, the new model will come with bigger wheelbase. Besides that, the updated grille will also be offered for the new design. Then, you will also find sharper headlights on this next generation BMW Z4.

Overall, the exterior design makes it look much more masculine. Even more, the new design makes this BMW vehicle better on speed and also for off the road driving. So, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with BMW Z4 2019 model.

2019 BMW Z4 Interior Concept

How about the interior? The changes do not only happen on the exterior but also interior. Like the exterior, its interior will also be stylish & exciting. About the interior design, it will offer various unique designs & also sophisticated features with high tech.

From many advanced features, one of the best ones is the navigation that will come much better. Not only that, but 2019 BMW Z4 interior will also make it look more elegant. It means you will not be bored inside the cabin like the Cadillac give the consumers its new Cadillac Ciel.

Also, we can also expect complete entertainment features without ruling out safety and infotainment. Lastly, BMW will not forget to increase the comfort level. So, this will be more enjoyable.

New BMW Z4 2019 Engine Specs

The engine is vital. It becomes one of the most important roles that make a car so good. BMW certainly does not want to disappoint their customers. Thus, it is predicted that 2019 BMW Z4 next generation will use an impressive engine, even better than the previous version. According to the rumors we got from many trusted sources, this speculation will come true.

So, what engine will be used for the next generation of BMW Z4? It will use 2.0 L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. This new BMW Z4 engine will be able to generate up to 240 horsepower.

There are also some other options. One of them is 6-cylinder turbo engine. This one is hoped to be able to produce around 340 horsepower. That engine will come with 6-speed manual transmissions.

Alternatively, it will be mated to 8-speed automatic transmission. Based on these rumors, we can see how BMW wants to improve the performance of their future Z4.

2019 BMW Z4 Release Date

This review will not complete if we do not discuss the release date, too. However, since the company is still silent about it, this topic is also still speculating. It means the fixed release date is still unknown until now.

However, there are some possible speculations about the release date of 2019 BMW Z4. The first rumor tells that the next generation of Z4 is going to come out by the end of 2018.

Besides that, there is also a different rumor which says that this will be available in the early of 2019. Another rumor believes that we can see it sooner in the middle of 2018. But the first speculation may be a possible one.

New BMW Z4 Price Tag Prediction

Lastly, we will talk about the price. The fixed price has also not confirmed yet by the company. We can only guess and estimate it, based on the rumored specs and some other sources of information we trust.

Feel free to open this official page to know more about BMW Z4 news and this page for other BMW concept cars information.

The conclusion, we can say that the future BMW Z4 will be priced at around $50,000 – $60,000 for the base model. So, the higher trims may be more expensive. Anyway, the price is still competitive so that 2019 BMW Z4 will be able to compete with other great rivals. –

New BMW Z4 Spied

New X4 Competitors: Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class & Porsche 718 Boxster.