2019 Land Rover Defender – In early 2016 Toyota announced that they would stop the production of their iconic off-road car, Toyota Land Rover. It’s a sad news for the Off-road enthusiast. But, there’s a great news behind that bad news.

The great news is…

New Land Rover Defender 2019 in the USA Marketplace Soon

The New Land Rover Defender will be resurrected from its graveyard with the new look, new performances, and the new features. In the next following years, Toyota will launch 2019 Land Rover Defender to the market with version.

2019 Land Rover Defender
2019 Land Rover Defender

The land rover designer boss said that it would be not far away for us to meet the brand new Toyota Land Rover finally. The market is very enthusiast about this new. Because, as we know, this car is the off-road icon of Toyota. And Land Rover has many loyal fans from all over the world.

For your information, the first Toyota Land Rover Defender remains on the market for 60 years! And that’s enough to show how good this off-road Toyota’s car.

2019 Toyota Land Rover Defender Design

According to some news, this brand new Toyota Land Rover Defender will be built in some different variants. The first one is closed and open three doors version; the second one is a five-door version with third-row seats and four-door pickup version. I bet the last one will sell like hotcakes in the USA.

Landrover USA
Landrover USA

It will be a mid-size off-road car and predicted to be the direct competitor to Mercedez-Benz X-Class. 2019 Land Rover Defender exterior design may adopt from Range Rover because we know it also a mid-size off-road car.

If we look at the original Toyota Land Rover Defender, we can imagine how its successor will also have that robust and compelling look. And also, other Land Rover series have the same bad-ass look.

And yes, there is an official announcement by Toyota Land Rover designer that it will just like the original Land Rover defender but with the more modern look.

2019 Toyota Land Rover Defender Engine Performance

We can’t talk more about this 2019 Toyota Land Rover Defender’s performance right now. As we know, Toyota keeps it secretly; perhaps it was done to surprise more Land Rover enthusiast and us from all over the world.

Toyota Land Rover
Toyota Land Rover

One thing to be sure, this 4×4 car will have a powerful torque to tackle any different tracks just like other Land Rover car by Toyota. 2019 Land Rover Defender probably even more powerful because it may use new technology by Toyota.

Gerry McGovern of Toyota said, “This was a vehicle that for a very long time was the emotional core of our brand. To move our brand forward, we need to create popular and relevant vehicles to appeal to a wider group of customers.” If he said so, then we know how serious Toyota in developing this car.

2019 Toyota Land Rover Defender Release Date

Again, Toyota still won’t uncover the price and the release date of their new 2019 Land Rover Defender. So we can’t be sure about the price and release date.

Land Rover Defender Replacement
Land Rover Defender Replacement

2019 Toyota Land Rover Defender Price

However, some predicted that this car would be priced around $100,000 in the US. That’s a big price for a Japanese car.

But, remember this is a Land Rover, and this car is serious as cancer. On this page, you will see the rumors and information about 4×4 Land Rover Defender. (Cars Sumo)