All-new Mercedes-Benz GLA 2019 Spied – Howdy mercy enthusiasts! In the next following years, you will be amazed by the new 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA and 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLB. It is such big happy news for the Mercy A-class lovers.

Mercedes-Benz’s A-class crossover will be returning to the market with the All-new Mercedes-Benz GLA 2019 as the main rival for BMW.

All-New Mercedes-Benz GLA Ready for 2019 Production

2019 Mercedes GLA – The new Mercedes GLA will follow the latest generation of Mercedes Benz A-class which will be launched in early 2018 and have shown to the public at Frankfurt motor show in Germany.

In short, the next following years are the best years for people who’re in love with Mercedes-Benz cars. This year, Mercedes-Benz has shown the concept design of 2019 Mercedes GLA, and you can find some spy shot spread all over the internet that provides all about Mercedes GLA news.

These spy shots show the new Mercedes GLA with the latest-generation of A-class bodyshell testing in Nurburgring, Germany.

All-new Mercedes-Benz GLA 2019 Exterior

By looking at the pictures taken in spy shots, it looks just like a regular A-class prototype. We cannot be sure what’s the difference between those two Mercy cars which released with only one year different.

Some minor difference could be seen from the spy shots pictures are All-new 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA has the more wide wheel than the A-class concept, it has a higher ride height, and also a slightly widened track. Other than those, The brand new Mercedes GLA looks merely like a botched-up version of the Mercedes-Benz A-class hatchback.

At the front body if this car, we can see a more aggressive hood and front bumper. There are also the new headlights that make it different from its cousin, the Mercedes-AMG.

On the back of the body of this 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA, we can see there are a new rear fascia, new taillights, and reshaped rear spoiler. The backside makes this car look even more similar than the A-class hatchback.

Because it is only a spy photoshoot and almost everything covered in camouflage, we cannot see more features which comes with this car.

All-new Mercedes-Benz GLA 2019 Interior

However, as for the interior, I think we should not be worried about its interior features and design because Mercedes-Benz always proves that they take it seriously. Moreover, it is a premium car, and premium features must come with this Mercedes future car and vehicle.

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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA Performance & Engine

The performance of this brand new Mercedes-Benz GLA 2019 perhaps will still stay similar with its current model. However, with a small-displacement turbocharged engine to provide more power.

The GLA will also have a diesel option. Moreover, with the recent Mercedez-Benz commitment to electrification, it will not be surprised if this car will come with the all-electric or hybrid engine.

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA Price and Release date

Mercedes-Benz has not announced the official announcement about the release date and price for this car, maybe a little higher than the latest version of Mercedes-Benz GLA 2018 with $33,400 starting price as it’s MSRP. However, that Germany automobile company has said that this car will not arrive until the end of 2018. It will surely release in early 2019, said Mercedes-Benz.

Hopefully, we can enjoy and see this 2019 Mercedes GLA in the next year or two years from now and Mercedes-Benz will come with more improvement for this car, especially in the exterior design because all of us know the interior design has always come with high-quality as well as its brand. We hope this car will be less similar to A-class hatchback. –

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