2019 Mercedes GLB – Since 1979 the boxy G-class has been with us and is one of the iconic cars from Germany Automobile company, Mercedes-Benz. It does not have any changes in performance, exterior, and interior design since the first time it was launched more than 30 years ago. In this post, we will talk about New 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLB Class.

Moreover, the good news comes from Mercedes-Benz by stating that they will release the all-new boxy G-class in the next following years. Additionally, like other Mercedes-Benz 2019 cars, people keep updating with the latest news from this Mercedes mini SUV.

Below CarsSumo will provide some information that related with new Mercedes GLB that stated will release in 2019, so let’s scroll below.

New Mercedes-Benz GLB Spied as 2019 Model

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLB – Fortunately, this year, 2019 Mercedes GLA and 2019 Mercedes GLB’s spy shot is uploaded to the internet. On this post, we’ll talk more about this all-new 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLB based on what we could see from the spy shot and some reliable news regarding this new car.

So, let’s begin to explore the new Mercedes GLB in this article.

2019 Mercedes GLB Exterior

Small Mercedes SUV – If you look closer to the spy shot of 2019 Mercedes GLB, you will know that this car has a more extensive body than the original Mercedes Boxy G-class.

There is also a much significant difference in this vehicle. Moreover, it done must be because it is the first full redesign of the iconic Mercedes G-class. So, 2019 is the best year for you who love the G-class cars.

Mercedes said that they only leave just one exterior part in common with its predecessor. Moreover, you can imagine how this car will look very different from its predecessor.

Some elements in its body such as windscreen, grille, and hood are more comprehensive than its original model. With the addition of the new LED lights at both ends.

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLB Interior

The reason why it is using the more extensive body is that it must adopt the new suspension that aims to improve the stability of this car whether on or off the road. Moreover, it also did to enhance the interior space like Mercedes mini SUV.

Elegant Mercedes-Benz Interior Cockpit
Elegant Mercedes-Benz Interior Cockpit (A-Class)

However, the new 2019 Mercedes GLB’s body is a little shorter than its predecessor. This can be noticed by looking at some spy shot spread all over the internet.

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLB Engine Specs

This new 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLB will be using the new inline-6 engines developed by Mercedes. Moreover, there will be other option for the United States which will use the V-8 engine.

It may also use the hybrid system for its engine because Mercedes is seriously developing the electrification system for their cars. However, one thing to be sure that this car will be powerful whether for on or off the road.

There are also some significant improvements on this car compared to its original version including the advanced infotainment system, electronic power steering, and new driver-assist features.

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New Mercedes-Benz GLB Price and Release Date

We did not know yet about the real price of this car, but soon Mercedes will be announced the price. Moreover, as for the release date, it will be released to the market in early 2019.

According to some reliable news, this car already has a strong demand from the US, China, and Rusia market. It is not surprised because this 2019 Mercedes GLB is very worth to wait.

This new Mercedes GLB makes its first public appearance at 2017 Frankfurt auto show in Germany. Moreover, as mentioned above, it will not be ready for sale until sometime in late 2018 or early 2019. –