2019 Toyota Avalon Review – It’s great news for you who fell in love with Toyota Avalon’s classy and premium design. In 2019 you’ll gonna be impressed by the re-designed version of Toyota Avalon Car.

New Toyota Avalon Redesign Arrive in Late Spring 2018

2019 Toyota Avalon – The new version of Toyota Avalon XLE will have a smaller size from its predecessor, yet it offers an improved framework that will make sure it will feel more comfortable to travel in some difficult area.

New Avalon Interior

Despite the fact the Toyota Avalon 2019 is smaller and has a light-bodyweight, the car has a more sporty look than its predecessor. It also looks more powerful from its design.

This car even looks more sporty when we look at its LED daytime sprinting lights. It also has an LED trapezoidal tail lighting on its back.

This car offers an 18″ tires for the regular model and 17″ tires for the XLE model, while also provides the most current monitoring device for wheel tension.

Toyota Avalon Exterior
Toyota Avalon Exterior

2019 Toyota Avalon Redesign

Based on some spy shots released on the web. It has a little bit uniqueness regarding design than other Toyota cars. The body design looks more like the latest Toyota Camry than the 2013 Toyota Avalon Specs.

You can find the similarity of 2019 Toyota Avalon and the latest Toyota Camry from the grille which more thick than its predecessor, and the quad-exhaust tips which make it even look more similar to Camry.

2019 Toyota Avalon Interior Design

New Toyota Avalon 2019 gives a beautiful and classy Avalon design on its interior. And some of the old features of 2013 Toyota Avalon remained.

The driver’s area is well personalized for modern people with high mobility. It will make you comfortable while driving this brand new Toyota car.

The top quality leather-based fabric used for its seat material. It adds even more exclusive, and premium touch to this redesigned Toyota Avalon 2019, and maybe this Avalon model can be released as a Toyota Avalon Limited Edition model (New Avalon Limited Edition). If you love a premium and classy design, you will love it’s New Avalon interior design.

2019 Toyota Avalon Engine Specs

As for the engine, there is no proven source regarding 2019 Toyota Avalon engine. Toyota still doesn’t provide valid information about the engine and drive train.

However, it has been predicted by some expert that Toyota Avalon Limited will use the same engines its predecessor.

Means that it will still use the 3.5-liter V6 engine which will produce 268 horsepower. This engine (Toyota Avalon MPG) could provide 21 mpg city and 31 mpg highway.

If this prediction comes true, then this car will run faster than its predecessor. It’s because it has a lighter weight and a smaller body. This car seems promising and worth to wait.

2019 Toyota Avalon Price Tag

2019 Toyota Avalon Price predicted will be priced around $32,285. This price is a prediction price based on the older models of Toyota Avalon. And the Avalon XLE models may be priced around $35,000 to $40,000 as it has some advanced features than the regular model. Find out more about new Toyota Avalon redesign here.

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New Avalon Release Date

However, the price may be changed. It could be rising or decreasing. But, it has been predicted will be priced no more than $50,000 in the US. So, when Toyota will launch this latest car? Maybe late spring 2018 will be the 2019 Toyota Avalon Release Date to the marketplace in the US. We hope for Toyota latest models will compete with other vehicles from Mazda, Honda, Audi, and Subaru. (Cars Sumo)

2019 New Toyota Avalon Images