New Toyota Prius V – At the last location, the next-generation version of Toyota’s Prius V hatchback captured testing, you would be doubtable to find a Prius: Germany’s Nürburgring circuit. The Next-Gen 2019 Toyota Prius V spied with new styling and of course, with its new body style, changed from its wagon to SUV body style.

Position afar, the new V is an essential departure from today’s model, that is a cozy, hardly annular wagon let that seems almost vanlike. The V is sold by the side of the Prius’s traditional five-door liftback and compressed-hatch C patterns, and the old V’s baggy duds are ditched this new version for taller ride height and a more SUV-like cast.

The pace surrounded by hybrids since the Prius first landed in the United States in 2000 was set by Toyota, but this new V argues that probably the company already start to follow. The 2019 Prius V’s freshly crossover-like stance and shape seem the same in concept to Kia’s present Niro. Kia, for its part, awakens the front-wheel-drive Niro a crossover.

New Toyota Prius V 2019 Model Changes it’s Looking from Wagon to SUV Body Style

2019 Toyota Prius V – Well, CarsSumo will provide something to expect about the all-new Toyota Prius 2019 model such as its new platform, interior styling, exterior styling changes (including its new body style from wagon to SUV look), its new engine specs, our next 2019 Prius V release date and launching, complete with its new pricing prediction. Just read it below.

New Prius Platform, Exterior & Interior

As the latest Prius liftback turned to the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) will this V. The brighter, clarification, compressing street, wind, and wheel noise should be elevated by more artificial underpinnings and adding a smoother ride thanks to its new-to-Prius simple back conclusion.

Today is V, C, and pre-TNGA Prius has made do with a torsion-balk back axle. The new V may have several visual addresses too. Boosting the body of the arena and squaring the roofline makes it seem similar to a wholly different car, while the back abnormally looks sportier thanks to its aslant back window and thin taillights.

A major is meant by the taller roof means to convert at the rear versus the remaining Prius. A more vertical hatchback was fitted by the designers with horizontal taillights, averagely the present vertical units. The pieces come out to have an angular shape that matches the lights up front. Our spied trust that Toyota‘s test mules for the Prius V are coming from inserting the front end of the average model onto the back of a Lexus NX.

These spied photos of new Prius was caught by on 2017. If you want to see the latest spy photos of 2019 Prius, you can visit this 2019 Prius Spy Photos article by

In fact, several truck-based SUVs have turned to unibody platforms for better enjoyment and electricity economy. Toyota is getting that, and so it tries to make the Prius V addressing to the blocks. Here is the really sad part: spy photos drifting around online make the new Prius V seem like a disclosed version of the present thing. Larger tires and a lift are the big changes.

New Prius V Engine Specs

The 2019 Prius V’s powertrain: it’s expected to cut up the petrol-electric Hybrid Cooperation Drive system with today’s Toyota Prius liftback. It aims that a 95-hp 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine associated with 71- and 121-hp electric motor/generators (for 121 horsepower in total) and a small lithium-ion battery package.

A curveball could be tossed by Toyota and install the larger Toyota Camry hybrid’s same but build in the layout that uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder machine and more heavy electric motors to beget 208 horsepower.

A fixings version Branded Prime could be in the works, with more electric-only driving range to match similar to option offered in the Prius liftback. Behindhand, we hope front-wheel drive to be the only option and churlish fuel economy to be the central goal.

2019 Toyota Prius V Pricing & Release Date

Sold under the variation of calls as the Prius+ and Prius Alpha in the other markets, the next-generation Prius V at this moment comes out to have the larger wheels, taller ride height, and higher capacities of a crossover. They have different shape between wagon and crossover can be small, but advanced arena approval and available all-wheel drive are two of several characteristics used by the NHTSA to assign a “light truck” versus a passenger car.

An all-wheel-drive Prius was never sold by Toyota in North America, after all a version of the latest Prius Liftback is offering optional AWD in Japan via an added electric motor to bent the back wheels.

That’s similar to the setup used in the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the contemporary hybrid version of the company’s dreadfully popular Toyota RAV4 compact crossover. The 2019 Toyota RAV4 as well is collectible for replacement quickly, and the same as the new 2019 Toyota Prius V, it is going to turn to the Toyota New Generation Architecture (TNGA) that constructs the 2016 Prius, the 2017 C-HR, and the 2018 Camry, with more models to appear.

As long as how far along the development bend this Prius V prototype comes out to be, we assume it’s going to get its appearance in the next 12 months as a 2019 model. The 2017 V’s $27,570 opening ask should be held close to by 2019 Toyota Prius V pricing. –