2019 Toyota Yaris Reviews

2019 Toyota Yaris Review РThe New 2019 Toyota Yaris is the latest model of the city car which priced in the mid-range market. The Toyota Yaris model is well known for its simplicity, yet fresh and modern design. And this Toyota car made a huge success in many countries.

The latest Toyota Yaris which is 2019 Toyota Yaris comes with almost the same features from its predecessor, according to some valid information source. The brand new model of Yaris, however, will be produced for a rally competition, instead of being a city car.


12019 Toyota Yaris Exterior Design

Toyota Yaris 2019

There is no significant improvement regarding exterior design of the new 2019 Toyota Yaris. It may be a little higher than the older model because this one built for off-road aside from on-road terrain. But that’s still a prediction, so we can’t be sure about it.

The car is still an economy compact car which means the simplicity of its exterior design will remains on the latest model of Yaris. As for color options, it seems that Toyota will still offer the same color options as before.

By looking to this new Toyota Yaris from the outside, we will realize that it has bigger rims than its predecessor. It will provide much better steadiness than before. There are also some sporty spoilers that will boost the sporty look of this car, as well as make it more comfortable to be driven on the highway.

According to some rumor, this model also comes with the WRC special model. Judging by its model name, it probably provides more comfort and eases to be driven on the off-road terrain.


22019 Toyota Yaris Interior Design

And for its interior design. Aside from using a better material quality for seats and dashboard, the features that found in the oldest Toyota Yaris model still there. The safety factor of this car has been improved such as more advanced air bag technology.

The latest Yaris model also comes with broader interior than the older model of Toyota Yaris. So it will be much more comfortable to be used as a family car.


32019 Toyota Yaris Engine and Performance

2019 Toyota Yaris Front View

2019 Toyota Yaris Specs – The brand new 2019 Toyota Yaris still using the front-wheel drive just like the older model. It will use a 1.5-liter 4-tube engine which can produce 106 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 103 lb-ft of torque at 420 rpm. It seems much stronger than the older model.

However, it’s not a valid information from Toyota so we can’t be sure about its performance. There also will be two options regarding its transmission which are a 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-speed automatic transmission.


42019 Toyota Yaris Release Date

Some rumors out there told that this car would be released to the market in 2019. It may be released in middle 2019 for new Toyota Yaris, but because there is no accurate news from Toyota, again, we can’t be sure about the release date.

2019 Toyota Yaris Price

As for 2019 Toyota Yaris price, if we predict the price based on the older model’s price, it probably priced about $14,900 in the U.S. And for the New Toyota Yaris WRC model, we can’t predict the price, but it must be priced higher than the regular model. (Cars Sumo)